5 reasons Miradry is the answer to excessive sweating

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You know the feeling. Flustered, excessive sweating, embarrassed about your armpit sweat and thinking how it will ruin your brand new white top. You are not alone. Many Australians experience the same feeling particularly as the spring arrives and that dreaded humidity returns. Fortunately there is an answer for your troubles, and the best news is that it’s permanent. You will never have to worry about excessive sweating again.

Here are 5 reasons to consider Miradry for excessive sweating:

Permanent fix

Miradry treatment can reduce or remove sweat glands under the arms without surgery. The procedure is performed using microwave energy, and because sweat glands don’t regenerate the removal of sweat glands means the end of excessive sweating and the death of sweaty armpits.

No more stained clothing

If you experience excessive sweating you will be all to familiar with the stains left on clothes, particularly those summer colours like white and pink. It can take only one or two instances for a light colour to be ruined by a sweat stain. Think of all the money you would save not having to buy a new top every week!

No more avoiding after work/workout catchups

When someone asks you to go for a drink, coffee or catchup after the gym do you ever find yourself saying no because of your excessive sweating or sweaty armpits? Now you wont have to! You can now be carefree with the knowledge that no matter where you go, you’ll be fresh and dry.

Experience the confidence to take on new challenges

Knowing your excessive sweating days are over you can have the confidence to take on new challenges at work that you may have avoided because of how you might look under pressure. They say confidence is half the battle, so miradry treatment may be the next step in your career progression.

Enjoy Summer

Let’s face it; summer is the best time of year. It is also the time when you are likely to sweat the most. Whether it’s a BBQ, a drink in the sun with friends or a date with a special someone, excessive sweating can get in the way of life in general. You may not even be able to play around with your kids for fear of being a mess for half an hour after. Miradry will not only give you the ability to get through summer without embarrassment, but allow you to take it head on and enjoy that lovely time of the year with your friends and family.

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